I developed a quick 30% concept to provide a starting point for building a new Custom Watch designer web tool from scratch when resources cleared up enough to take on this project. I started with some hand sketched ideas, then jumped straight to Sketch and InVision for rapid prototyping.
Step 1
Here we had to allow users to pick which watch product to start designing with.
Step 2
A tip at the bottom to make sure users filled the entire canvas was included due to our observation of custom design submissions in the past.
Some initial ideas for the user interaction with the upload, pan, resize and rotate features.
Step 3
Another common feature requested by our users, of all watch designs pretty much, was the desire for hour markers.
Select from pre-designed hour marks, and the ability to choose the color of the hour markers.
Step 4
We also were trying to figure out a way to easily make bulk orders possible from this last step, including the ability to choose different strap colors within the order, a trend we often saw with our small group buys.
The last step where users choose from our numerous strap colors to match with their design.
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